We're constantly on the lookout for practically minded engineers who thrive on a challenge.


Whether you are a seasoned aviation engineer looking for a change, or somebody who is good with their hands and is considering an apprenticeship in the aviation industry,
we'd like to hear from you.


Open Positions

Manual miller / turner 

We are looking for a traditional manual machinist to join our machine shop team with experience in both milling and turning. Additional experience of cylindrical grinding would be preferred and the successful candidate must be able to work under their own initiative. 


  • Experience in working with Heidenhain TNC and Fanuc controls an advantage.

  • Good understanding of aviation / automotive engineering tolerances.

  • Good personal skills and the ability to work in a self organised environment.

Apprentice Engineer

The Aircraft Restoration Company has a recognised apprenticeship scheme which has been running for over 15 years.

John Romain, the company owner, was an apprentice himself at British Aerospace and has a keen knowledge of how important the apprenticeship environment is.

Unfortunately all of our apprenticeship places are currently filled and as such we aren't taking an further applications at this time. We will, however, be looking to take on more once places open up so keep an eye on this space.


  • Enthusiastic and willing to learn the various skills involved in aircraft restoration and engineering.

  • Capable of growing into a team environment and able to communicate well.

  • Willing to work hard and appreciate the challenges of engineering in the aviation environment.

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