Do you offer warbird experience flights?

We do! We have set up a department within ARCo called Aerial Collective. The Aerial Collective team are solely dedicated to providing warbird flight experiences from a new facility built within our hangars here at IWM Duxford Airfield.

We currently offer flights in both of our two seat Spitfires (PV202 & PT462) as well as in the P-51 Mustangs ‘Miss Helen’ and ‘The Shark’.

For more information, or to book your adventure above the clouds, visit the Aerial Collective website via the button below:


Could I ever work in the Aircraft Restoration Company?

Yes! If you think you can offer the company the skills it is looking for then head over to our careers page using the button below, we look forward to hearing from you.


Can I fly with you and your pilots?

All the pilots that fly with the aircraft restoration company have either come from strong flying backgrounds or have been trained by the company. There are openings to train with us and if the commitment is high and you have the skills required then it is possible.


How do I get to see whats going on inside the ARC hangars?

We have a members club called "radial 9". Joining the club gives access to the hangar either on the annual open day or by appointment. In addition you will receive a quarterly newsletter which is full of photos and articles detailing what the company has been up to. 


Can you carry out an inspection on an aircraft I am interested in purchasing?

Yes, most definitely. We have carried out many pre-purchase inspections and valuations on a vast number of aircraft. The engineering team at the Aircraft Restoration Company have saved many future owners from a financial mishap with regards to purchasing an aeroplane which up until professional inspection looked lovely.


Would you carry out the engineering / maintenance of my aircraft?

If we have the aircraft on our approvals and it is found to be suitable then absolutely, yes. However, we are always approachable to add new types as well. Over the years we have maintained some very rare aircraft types, we enjoy the diversity that these bring to the hangar. 


Can I buy a Spitfire?

A great question, often asked!

Simply put, yes! However we and the current owner would always like to know a bit about you first. We all care a great deal about the aircraft and who will be the next custodian of them. However it could easily be you!


Would you restore an aircraft for me?

We carry out restorations on a wide variety of aircraft types. Indeed, at the moment there are 7 different types on restoration / rebuild in the hangars. The team at the Aircraft Restoration Company love a challenge and so any type is considered.