Westland Lysander

Lysander V9312, owned since 2003 and under restoration by ARCo was built by Westlands during 1940, taken on charge at 33 M.U. on the 4th January 1941 and subsequently served with 612, 225 and 4 Squadrons. On 26th April 1942 whilst serving with 4 Squadron it suffered Category B accident damage. Repaired at Fairfield’s Watford, it was converted to target tug status and sent to Liverpool, from where it sailed for Canada arriving on 18th October 1942. In Canada, it served with the Commonwealth Air Training Plan at Mossbank, Saskatchewan.

V9312 last flew on the 30th December 1944, then came into the possession of Harry Wherreat at Assiniboa, Saskatchewan. It was kept in storage until sold to Kermit Weeks at Polk City, Florida. No restoration work took place by Week’s organization and the aircraft subsequently came to ARC at Duxford.


Fairey Firefly MkI

One and three quarter Fairey Firefly Mk1’s arrived at ARC on Tuesday 10th February 2004. The Fireflies had been stored in a barn on the edge of Ska Edeby Airport, 12 miles west of Stockholm, Sweden by owner Bjorn Lowgren. 

Currently stored in No 3 Hangar at Duxford the future of the Fireflies is being assessed. The better of the two machines, SE-BRG, is 90 per cent complete and both the internal and external condition is remarkably good. The cockpit is totally complete with all the instruments still fitted, and all the systems throughout the airframe are still in place. It will certainly be restored to fly, and ARC is looking at variousoptions available to achieve this. 

The Fireflies are former Fleet Air Arm machines which later became part of a fleet of 16 Firefly TT.1’s operated by Svensk Flygtjanst AB in Sweden as target-tugs between 1948 and 1964. 

SE-BRG was originally delivered to the Royal Navy as DT989 on July 21st 1944, and went to 766 Squadron at Rattray near Dundee, Scotland, inFebruary 1946, but soon moved to West Raynham. The machine returned to Fairey on February 19th 1950, to be rebuilt as a target-tug, and was registered SE-BRG on September 20th 1950. It flew 2,800hr in Sweden before being retired on June 3rd 1964. It then spent many years stored at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.


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